PPM’s Latest Clothing Drive for the Epilepsy Foundation of Chicago Produces a Record Haul!

Planned Property Management focuses on 5 core values.

1. Have Fun

2. Be Social

3. Go Green

4. Be Charitable

5. We Love Pets

Our partnership with the Epilepsy Foundation of Chicago takes on two of these core values to help achieve their goals:  Be charitable and go green.  The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago leads the fight to stop seizures, find a cure, and overcome challenges created by epilepsy.  Over 2 million Americans suffer from epilepsy.

One of the Epilepsy Foundation’s main sources of funding is through a partnership with the Savers donation network, which takes in donations of gently used clothing and household items to sell in Savers network of thrift stores.  Savers has donated over $1.5 billion over the last ten years to its various partners.  Savers sends unsold donations to countries in need.  PPM organizes clothing drives throughout the year to help support this amazing organization.  According to the foundation's Janet Anderson, PPM’s last clothing drive at 1111 N Dearborn, 1133 N Dearborn, and 1120 N LaSalle took in a record amount of your used clothing!  On May 9, PPM donated bottled water and personnel to hand it out for the 2015 Epilepsy 5K centered at Montrose Harbor.

Our next clothing drives runs May 18 through June 5 in the following buildings: 3130 N Lake Shore Drive, 350 W Oakdale, and 515 W Barry.  Here is your opportunity to de-clutter and give back.  Donating your used clothing is also tax deductible (click for a receipt). Men’s, women’s, children’s, and infant clothing are appreciated and go to a great organization supporting an important cause.  Contact your building’s manager for more information.

Planned Property Management is always looking for ideas to support our core values.  Use the comment space on this blog to share your ideas.