Ten Reasons People May Hate Your Dog

Dogs are one of the most amazing and fulfilling pets one can have. They're loyal, fun, and always happy to see you. They are there for you when things get tough and happy with you when things are great. Yet, most of all, they will always love you no matter what. These are just a few reasons why having a dog is so rewarding! But, let’s be honest, not everyone is as happy and loving as us dog lovers are. There are just some people in this world that don’t have the love for great companions as we do for our furry friends.

Nevertheless, not all is lost for these non-dog people. Some non-dog-lovers might be swayed if they can see just how wonderful dogs can be! So, how do we change their minds? First we can look to see if we are being responsible dog owners and respecting others. Having good manners and teaching good manners to our pups is key. However, if we choose to not be respectful, then we are only hurting the point of why dogs are great. The truth is, there are dog owners that can even drive the biggest dog enthusiast crazy. So, here is a list of ten things we should avoid to help better our case and maybe sway those non-dog people.

Here are Ten things People may hate about dog owners

·         You don’t pick up after your dog!

·         Your dog barks excessively

·         You don’t have control of your dog

·         You let your dog roam off leash in unsafe environments

·         Your dog invades the personal space of others

·         Your dog destroys other people’s property

·         You bring your dog to inappropriate places

·         Your dog is a brat at the dog park

·         You don’t take responsibility for your dog’s mistakes

·         You won’t stop talking about your dog

It’s easy to see how some of these can be extremely annoying or even irresponsible. This proves even more true living in the city along with the interaction of having more people around. Yet, if you fall into one of these categories, fear not. Each one has a simple fix! We all know how we can get sucked up into loving our pets to the point of not acknowledging some minor shortcomings, and that’s alright. Though we do ask you to take a moment and reflect on how you and your best friend behave together both inside and outside of your home.